We Dey X Space

WE DEY means WE ARE* Vienna is a place where the contemporary art scene mostly focuses on white perspectives. Artists of Colour and Black artists are kept mostly isolated from the contemporary art scene. On rare occasions, they are invited into these spaces but under a specific framework of having to fulfil white desires for “exotic” bodies […]

Afro Rainbow Austria

AfroRainbowAustria is the first organisation established by, and for African LGBTQI+ in Austria with the sole aim of creating a communicative and interactive platform. Still trending is the fact that most Africans are refusing to recognize homophobia as a colonial legacy, bearing in mind that before colonialism, many traditional cultures in Africa were tolerant of […]

Schwarze Frauen Community

The SFC is a project started by black women (1st & 2nd Generation) of different backgrounds and nationalities. Together they want to support and promote the self-confidence and self-determination of black women so that they can successfully integrate into the Austrian society. Read More (German)


maiz is an independent organization by and for migrant women. Our goal is to better the lives and work situations of migrant women in Austria and to promote their political and cultural participation, as well as to transform the existing unjust social conditions. Read More

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