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Black History Month 2021 

The extended quarantine has prevented us from sharing common spaces. Now, more than ever, Black history Month 2021 is an opportunity to shine a light on our stories, for there is still light, joy, and beauty among the black diaspora. 

Black History Month is a time to focus on retelling and sharing the mosaic of stories that make up the Black experience. By speaking honestly and truthfully; we can decolonise history, culture, health practices, business, and more. Let’s come together to celebrate our strengths and claim the stories of all Black perspectives.

Black History Month 2021 is also a time to explore unconventional solutions and future possibilities. Black artists, activists and historians have always documented the history and achievements of Black people wherever they were, and Austria is no exception. 

This Black History Month, the Black People of Vienna group will organise an online programme of events to gather, celebrate, laugh and learn:

By sharing these perspectives the Black People of Vienna group hopes to provide narratives to share more widely– in museums, galleries, schools, universities, public spaces and communities.

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