Afro Rainbow Austria

AfroRainbowAustria is the first organisation established by, and for African LGBTQI+ in Austria with the sole aim of creating a communicative and interactive platform.

Still trending is the fact that most Africans are refusing to recognize homophobia as a colonial legacy, bearing in mind that before colonialism, many traditional cultures in Africa were tolerant of different sexualities and gender relations.

Many LGBTQI+ Africans face discrimination, violence, persecution, stigma and exclusion on a daily basis from family members, employers, places of worship and the society at large. These forms of hostility tend to take a negative toll on the physical, social and mental health of the LGBTQI+ population.

Discrimination and hostility of LGBTQI+ Africans are not restricted to the continent, but can also be found in and around African communities in Austria.

In order to create awareness, trigger discussion and trade homophobia for tolerance both in African communities in Austria, and in Austria as a whole, AfroRainbowAustria was born.

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